You are about to get a profesional CD/DVD sounding record

Audio Mastering Studio for Music Artists in Europe

Urban Mastering is an initiative founded by Toni P to help artists getting a professional sounding record. Focusing on mainly urban music, and knowing what sounds good and what doesnt, means that we know exactly what your song needs for it to soundprofessional and ready for release.

Cheapest music mastering for eureopean hiphop, RnB, R&B, rap, pop and house artist.

Digital/Analog Audio Mastering Services in Amsterdam

Mastering is the final stage a song goes thru before it gets released, thats why its important to have it done right. Your final mix will sound decent, but it does lack the professional sound you hear with songs on the radio, television and the CDs you purchase.


Experienced Audio Mastering Services

With over 11 years of experience in urban music, producing albums, writing songs, recording vocalist, singing hooks, mixing and mastering, we at Urban Mastering can assure you that every mix you send us will be treated with great care and attention.The reason why a lot of people come to us is because of our great experience.

When we master your songs we will take care of the following:

Frequency response
Dynamic range
Stereo width
Overall loudness
Clicks and pops
Noise reduction
Error checking
ISRC encoding
(if needed)

If you want us to master an album, we will also make sure that each song is equally loud, that the spacing between the songs is correct and thatthe songs sound like they belong together on the album.


Professional Sounding Recording Studio

A specially designed room has been built by Toni P himself. This room contains only high quality material assuring that the mastering engineer can perfectly hear what needs to be done. There is also a costum build computer, 2 different monitoring systems, and various hardware and software mastering processors including a DBX quantum, API2500, API5000, Blue velvet Tube EQ, SSL MasterBus Compressor.


Toni P Urban Mastering

Phone: 00316 15058347
Amsterdam, The Netherlands





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